Our Chef

The magical location on the Grand Canal has inspired the Chef Michele Potenza.

The young talented Italian Chef, Michele Potenza, offers a Mediterranean, linear and creative cuisine.

Originally born in Turin, he lived and worked in different parts of Italy where he experienced traditional products and forgotten recipes of each region.

The absolute protagonist is a cuisine made of fresh ingredients and characterized by a strong “Back to Nature” concept. Local delicacies are enhanced in his menus through the daily attentive personal selection from the Rialto Market: a “Natural Flavours Philosophy” providing a fresh twist on the authentic Venetian cuisine.
His vision can be savored on his refined plates, characterized by rich tastes and great personality.
His unique talent lies in transforming the most humble products, such ravioli, cod or fresh fish into a truly delectable plates like

“Buckwheat large Ravioli filled with Rocket and Cod“ or “Row Fish from Rialto”.

Since 2010, Michele Potenza is one of the official Chefs of the Culinary Italian TV program “La Prova del Cuoco”( Talent Show).

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