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Truly evocative of 17th and 18th-century Venice, these magnificent deluxe Suites are the very heart of the Sagredos comprise The Sebastiano Ricci Suite, The Arts Suite and The Stuccoes Suite, each with the original 17th and 18th-century paintings and stucco works by renowned artists of the period. The Suites are a vast 60 to 100 square meters in size with a maximum occupancy of three people.
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  • The Sebastiano Ricci Suite

    The Sebastiano Ricci Suite

    The ultimate in history and luxury: The Sebastiano Ricci Suite is extremely spacious with a fabulous bedroom (100 square meters), a generous sitting area and a superb stuccoed ceiling by the 18th-century artist Sebastiano Ricci.

    Incredibly beautiful and luxurious, the Suite is highlighted with sumptuous fabrics, stylish gilt mirrors, Italian rococo gilt armchairs and antique furniture.

    Set on the Noble Floor of the Palazzo, the Suite is designed to be an hymn to romanticism; lights, materials and furnishing are inspired by the original decors of the house and give the room a special note of seductiveness.

  • The Stuccoes Suite

    The Stuccoes Suite

    This Suite is one of the most emblematic of the entire building: the ceiling features magisterial decoration by two famous artists from Lugano who worked for the Republic of Venice in the early eighteenth century: Abbondio Stazio and Carpoforo Mazzetti, known as Tecalla.

    You can admire the exceptional quality of the depictions, ceiling paintings and friezes – birds, exotic animals and various mythological characters – all in different relief and painted in a variety of delicate hues, almost like pastel: without doubt the most remarkable example of the artists’ work in Venice.

    These rooms were formerly the private apartments of Count Sagredo, and were connected to the main building through secret doors.
  • The Arts Suite

    The Arts Suite

    The club room (Casino) on the fourth floor, which Count Sagredo used for social occasions and entertainment, now comprises two splendid Suites. One of these is the Arts Suite.

    It has a great historical importance and boasts some of the finest examples of early 18th-century Venetian stucco work with bas reliefs by artists Abbondio Stazio and Carpoforo Mazzetti. The decoration is here dedicated to the Arts.

    A stay here is a truly unique experience bringing the romance of 18th-century Venice alive.

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