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Ca'Sagredo Hotel
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Suites Collection

The exclusive environment of the Suites has been created under the attentive supervision of The Fine Arts Institute of Venice. All details, the sumptuous frescoes, the exquisite furnishing are the epitome of the classic Venetian style.

Sagredo Venetian Suites

Capturing the very essence of Venice, theese spacious Suites are richly decorated with antique furniture, gilt mirrors, Murano glasses and precious fabrics. They have a bedroom with a spacious sitting area with sofa.

Grand Canal Suites

Luxury top suites with breathtaking views over the Grand Canal.  

Heritage Suites

The ultimate in history and luxury; incredibly beautiful and luxurious, these Suites are highlighted with sumptuous fabrics, stylish gilt mirrors, Italian rococo gilt armchairs and antique furniture.

Grand Suite

Set on the Palace Noble Floor, with its 110 sqm (1183,60 sq. ft.) open space, is the utmost suite of the hotel. Formerly the main reception room of the Sagredo family, it used to contain one of the finest drawings...