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Palace & Art

This palace was originally owned by the Morosini family and was purchased at the start of the 18th century by the Sagredos, a noble family who had lived in the Santa Sofia district for centuries.

The façade onto the Grand Canal is proof of the Byzantine origin of the building, which was altered several times in subsequent centuries.

The original ground floor with the doors leading onto the water and the first floor with its tall arch windows topped on slim pillars, were completed in the 15th century by the addition of second floor, which has tracery frieze around the middle mullioned windows of the Portego or central hall.

The Sagredo Family

The palace dates back to the 15th century; it was built by the Morosini family and modified several times throughout the years. The first owner, documented in 1570, was Lorenzo Morosini, Domenico’s brother, one of the patrons of the Accademia Pellegrina...

Museum & Arts

Collectors & Heritage

We can find a witness of these masterpieces thanks to the detailed inventories compiled in order to decide on Gerardo Sagredo’s heritage. For instance, we know that the paintings were so many that they had to be disposed in four...