Shakespeare in Veneto

Celebrating the 400th-year anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. Representing Shakespeare’s plays in the Veneto cities where the plays have been originally setted.

Othello, a charming and unique play  that combines the art of melodrama and the ideal of eternal love.

Beauty overwhelmed by love, love overwhelmed by jealousy; Othello, Desdemona, Iago: passion, love and hate. A travelling show where each scene is set in a different hall of one of the most fascinating Venetian Palaces:  Ca’ Sagredo Hotel on the Gran Canal.

A ”travelling play” where each scene is set in a different hall of one of the most fascinating Venetian Palaces: Ca’ Sagredo Hotel on the Gran Canal.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of one of the most enchanted event in Venice, choose one of the following option:

1. CLASSIC: 2 tickets for the “Othello” followed by  a themed Dinner.

2. SPECIAL: 1 night accomodation, 2 tickets for the “Othello” and a themed Dinner.

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The Jewish Ghetto- 500 years of Jewish comunity

2016 is the 500th anniversary of the Venice Jewish Ghetto, Discover it with Ca’ Sagredo.
Tailor made itineraries have been created to explore the ancient jewish culture, historical sites, the art and architecture of the Ghetto. At the same time, you will be able to taste eno-gastronomic kosher local products and typical Venetian local recipes.

Available packages are:
1. CLASSIC: 2 nights accomodation, entrance to the Jewish Museum and visit to 3 Synagogues.

2. DISCOVER THE GHETTO: 2 nights accomodation, entrance to the Jewish Museum, visit to 3 Synagogues and to the Jewish Cemetery at the Lido of Venice.

3. ON THE CHILDREN’S SIDE: 2 nights accomodation, a Special guided Tour to the Synagogues and the Jewish Museum, Cake and Cappuccino at the bar and Jewish toy.

4. ON THE WOMEN’S SIDE: 2 nights accomodation, Special guided tour to the Matronei and Mikveh.

Please note that the Jewish Museum is closed Friday afternoon and Saturday all day.

Contact our Reception for information to reserve any of the above packages or to arrange a tailor-made excursion.

Art Biennale 2017

The Venice Biennale was born by a resolution by the City Council on 19th April 1893, which proposed the founding of a “biennial national artistic exhibition” to take place in the following year, to celebrate the silver anniversary of King Umberto and Margherita of Savoy.
The event in fact took place two years later, opening on 30th April 1895.

Visit the website for more information:

The Flavour Tour- Historical Rialto Market

Embark on a journey as we show you our favourite hidden spots in Venice. Cross the Grand Canal with the private Chef to the Historical Rialto Market. Learn how to shop, like a real Venetian, for fresh fishes and best local products. Discover traditional fragrances in a multisensorial experience.
Contact our Reception for information on available options.

Touriocity Private Tours

Touriocity provides highly curated private tours in cities all around the world, create perfect tours for the first-time visitor as well as more unique experiences, which can even be enjoyed by locals who want to see a new side to a place.
Whether you want to enjoy a full day tour being whisked seamlessly around the must-see attractions with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide or if you would like an expert in their field to teach you something more unusual like how to paint like an Impressionist — they have it all.
Touriocity will make sure to organise everything you desire: from the best guides to exclusive access to world-famous attractions.

To book your exclusive tour around Venice, click on this link:!/venice

Boat Tour

A Private Boat will bring you to explore the surroundings islands that once make up Venice. There are several tours waiting for you to be experienced. Contact our Reception for information on available options and to arrange a tailor-made excursion.

Healthy stay

Tone up yourself with our special Personal Trainer and explore the hidden spots of Venice in a different way!
Jogging and walking tours have been tailor-made to please everybody from beginners to advanced!
Contact our Reception for information and available options.

Kids Programme

There are enough nooks and crannies to explore to keep families entertained in Venice! Kids will have a great time exploring the labyrinth of streets and campos, shimmering canals and endless bridges, visiting glass factory makers and extraordinary museums. Contact our Reception for information on available options and to arrange tailor-made kids private tours.

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