Art Biennale 2017

Support for Ca’ Sagredo by Lorenzo Quinn – art Biennale 2017-
“Venice, the floating city of art and culture that has inspired humanity for centuries, is threatened by climate change and time decay and is in need of the support of our generation and future ones. As the young grow in hunger for knowledge and action, so does their ability to spread ideas and inspire us all. The hands of a child, representing our present and future, supporting life and culture, hold the historic palazzo of Ca’ Sagredo in Venice – the birthplace of my mother and my wife, a city to which I feel deep connection, love and gratitude. Sitting one day on Ca’ Sagredo’s terrace, viewing the scene of the Grand Canal and reflecting on art, history and our responsibilities, I was inspired by the vision of Support rising from the waters, greeting and protecting us all.
The realisation of this artwork is a fulfilment of a dream and a hope that we all share in our hearts.” Lorenzo Quinn
The Venice Biennale was born by a resolution by the City Council on 19th April 1893, which proposed the founding of a “biennial national artistic exhibition” to take place in the following year, to celebrate the silver anniversary of King Umberto and Margherita of Savoy.
The event in fact took place two years later, opening on 30th April 1895.

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The Flavour Tour- Historical Rialto Market

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One hour or more.. A photo shooting in Venice with a professional photographer.
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Boat Tour

A Private Boat will bring you to explore the surroundings islands that once make up Venice. There are several tours waiting for you to be experienced. Contact our Reception for information on available options and to arrange a tailor-made excursion.

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