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Experience the overwhelming beauty of our Sala della Musica, let the canvas of our double-height Portego lead you to an amazing view on the Grand Canal, enjoy the timeless atmosphere and the artistic features of our Sala Amigoni, Sala del Doge and Sala del Tiepolo.

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Music Ballroom
The Palazzo’s sumptuous Sala della Musica, the main Ballroom in the Palazzo, will let you relive the pomp of the past. Still nowadays its perfect acoustic of this hall wraps its guests: just by skimming over the piano keyboard, the figures…
The Portego (lit. porch), a typical architectural feature of Venetian palaces, is a huge high-beamed hall located on the piano nobile (noble floor) from which all function rooms lead off. It is preceded by the magnificent staircase by Andrea Tirali (1657-1737),…
Amigoni Hall
The painter Jacopo Amigoni (1682 – 1752) was one of the first and most appreciated representatives of Venetian rococo, which in fact was also called “Amigoni’s style” in Germany. Adjacent to the Portego, the Sala Amigoni is the connection area with…
Doge Hall
This wonderful room takes its name from Doge Nicolò Sagredo portrait which was once displayed here. On the ceiling the painting “The Defeat of Vices”, attributed to Nicolò Bambini, is preserved, framed by precious pastel stucco mouldings by the 18th century…
Tiepolo Hall
This room, adjacent to the Ballroom, is dedicated to Giambattista Tiepolo (1696-1770), the “giant” of 18th century Venetian painting, to whom the oil on canvas “Homage to Venice” dominating the ceiling and still showing two flying cupids is attributed. The…
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